Welcome + Volunteer Party News

 It is that time of the year. The days are getting longer and the water is getting warmer. I took my first swim off Masonboro on May 8th. With the summer coming so fast it is time for us to start getting ready for our annual Fourth of July clean-up.

We're throwing a party for past, present and future volunteers of Masonboro.org! We'll celebrate last year's volunteers and welcome new ones at a June 2 cook-out at the Johnson's home at 4:30pm. You'll get a sneak peek at our plan to cover the holiday celebration and get a chance to sign-up for key volunteer positions that night!

This year we are looking to include even more of the community in our efforts. Our efforts and our presence over the last two years have helped keep Masonboro free of any new rules that effect public access. We volunteer to see Masonboro stay open. We volunteer because we want our kids and grandkids to enjoy Masonboro like we always have.

If you feel the same way, please join us on June 2. We'll serve up burgers and dogs and provide tea and water. Bring a friend, your favorite adult beverages and a side dish to share. At 6pm we will have a short talk about our volunteer needs during the Fourth. Mostly, we will spend the time sharing memories and getting to know others who share the same love for Masonboro that you do. If you can make it, register above. [Tickets are free but reserve your spot at dinner.]

If you can't make it to the party but would like to VOLUNTEER on July 4, CLICK HERE to sign-up online.