If you would like to see continued public access, help keep the island pristine or help us spread the word about how vital Masonboro is to our community then we want you to join us.  You can become a member and volunteer right here!

MEMBERSHIP membership is simple: CLICK HERE to send us your info.  There's no fee and you'll be added to our newsletter list. We'll keep you posted on the lastest MSB.ORG news plus, we'll keep you informed of new developments that threaten our rights of traditional use.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  While you're signing up as a member, you can also sign up to volunteer! There are many ways to volunteer to preserve our island. This year, we're looking for volunteers to help with our fourth annual benefit in the spring, the Independence Day clean-up, promotions, membership, and volunteer coordinators.

Plus, we're expanding our Island Explorer program. For each trip we would like to have at least two volunteers serve as hosts and chaperones. We also may need a MSB Volunteer who has a boat to serve as our Host/Pilot boat for each event. When the number of participants exceeds the 25 person capacity of our transportation partners, Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours or shuttle boat, our host boat may need to carry non-student participants over to the island. If you are willing to captain your boat on any of the dates

If you can help in 2014, please CLICK HERE.